Jess Øberlin

Fashion | PLASMA founder

Jess Øberlin (JØ) is an interactive evolutionary fashion platform and two-piece suit brand that grows with and encourages participation from its customers.JØ showcases the wide variety of different genders, nationalities, shapes and sizes who support the brand and its message through various art forms, and events called PLASMA on and offline. Unlike big brands, Jess Øberlin suits are made to order locally in Eindhoven, NL, releasing a new colour or collaborative pattern each year.The suits unite people, and tie everything she creates back to the initial message: be who and do what you want, love and respect yourself and others,  join together and celebrate.

Jess is founder of PLASMA, a offline platform for creative entrepreneurs – designed by female and queer designers, thinkers, musicians and artists. PLASMA organizes a series of pop-up events in which they investigate together how the creative community in Eindhoven can best be enriched. A public survey conducted as a preliminary study showed that queers, the feminists, DAE students and the international women’s community lack a connection factor, an offline location. The aim is to achieve such a permanent place in the long term.and safe-space – taking events and discussions to new levels.